A Tokyo travelogue about my search for Mr Yamamoto, a man I was imagining. #honesttravelwriting

A feature article on two days spent with Jack Parow for Ari Kruger’s Afrikaans Is Dood video.

Swimming with seals in the cold Atlantic, a real life underwater fairy-tale. For The Good Holiday.

Every year the NSRI save countless lives in SA’s seas. This is Sea Rescue: 101.

A column about riding a Honda CB900F ‘81 model named Richard from Cape Town to Joburg, for good.

Column on a camping trip with my 10 year old son, marred by the wind.

A column about hitch-hiking memories, published in the November 2011 Issue of Go! Magazine

An extract from a book on the art of hitch-hiking, currently in progress.

A new instalment on the hitchhiking saga, this one a five day trip to a cricket game in Kimberley. Pics.

Column on the star-struck town of Sutherland. Illustration by Nicolene Louw.

I visited the majestic Blue Hippo Farm in Greyton, and did some #honesttravelwriting.

Oppikoppi 20 was un-fuggin-believable! God dank, vir klank. For Mahala.

An eco adventure in the Cape’s Deep South. I left a changed man. For The Good Holiday.

What happens when Africa’s two most dangerous heavyweights meet for a PR session? Vice’s Fightland.

An autobiography on the senselessness of the Zimbabwean Bush War, as told to me by Doug Schorr.

Behind the scenes feature on SAs Auto Trader SupaDrift series, Khuluma Magazine.

A five day hitchhike to see the Proteas play in Kimberley gone good.

An inside look at MMA with EFC Africa fighter Don Madge. Photography by Jonx Pillemer.

Travel piece on the Western Cape Town of Tulbagh, Khuluma Magazine, October 2012. Pics.

A diary account of a year long battle with TB. Illustration by Sasan.

I love caravans and I used to live in one. A column about that for Go! Magazine.

The tale of hitching from Munich to Berlin, lift by lift… #honesttravelwriting

Adventure notes from hitching the Aussie Outback & pedalling SA’s Wild Coast. For Go! Magazine.

A 19 hour layover in Dubai reveals a slice of local life, off the beaten track. For the Mail & Guardian.

Feature article on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), featuring EFC Africa.

Get inside the Lamb Of God mosh pit at their Johannesburg 2014 show. For Mahala.

The Wolf - Feature article on EFC bantamweight champion Demarte Pena.

Behind the scenes at the Redbull Flugtag, Cape Town, December 2012.

The Making of a Great Right Hand - Feature article on EFC athlete Martin ‘The Punisher’ van Staden.

A column on a real life, modern day Strandloper. Illustration by Nicolene Louw.

A lifestyle piece on taking a daily train ride into the city.

An account of a walking expedition from Muizenberg to the Strand, all the way along the beach. Pics